4 comments on “Falling Skies, not Falling Like Flies

  1. I know we’ve beaten this horse to death, but Tom is a little like Rick from TWD: he’s making decisions that benefit his family and not the group as a whole, necessarily. Practically, it would make more sense for Tom and his sons to move out on their own. I’m surprised no one has made an attempt on Ben’s life yet just for being a razorback.

    I agree about the supposed racism. I’ve seen those posts, too, and they make me say “Da fuck?” I dunno; I’m not into the whole racism/sexism thing, as I hate all people equally, but it seems like a reach to me. They’ve all been noble deaths, too: Mike sacrificed himself to protect a group of children, Dai died fighting with his friends, Rick died for the Skitter Rebellion, etc etc. When someone brings prejudice into a TV show discussion, I normally dismiss them offhand.

    • With the difference that I don’t hate Tom like I hate Rick. He has some redeeming qualities, but they are implied. It was implied he and Dai were close friends, but it has never been shown. They were never sitting somewhere and talking, as you would expect from friends that trust each other with their life. And that’s the things I want to see; the connections between people beyond just standing around in proximity to their “friends”. Why are Lyle and Crazy Lee (and now Tector) with Pope? They sure have reasons to stick with him, but all we see is that they do just that – Pope commands, they obey, reason: unknown.
      The 2nd Mass is more a mute, anonymous mass. We don’t get any opinions or thoughts from these 150+ people; not why they stick with Tom and Weaver, not if they are okay with Ben (as Anthony said before leaving: “Pope is not the only one wondering what the aliens did to you”, which does imply some other people aren’t okay with Tom OR Ben)… or anything else. That’s a big issue the show has; they just imply stuff that happened (Lourdes and Jamil being a couple, Scott’s off-screen death with no grief from his own niece, implying she did grieve off-screen too…) and that’s enough.

      Racism and sexism are always touchy subjects and people love to whip them out to bash shows. And it always ends ridicolous. You should have seen the shitstorm on Spartacus, when someone complained that the (as)syrian character (played by a Lebanese actor) was shown as a manipulative bastard, which – according to this poster – implied a reinforcement of the “greedy jew” stereotype… which required to think around several corners and completely failing ancient history. (It is with no word implied that the character IS Jewish, and in the set timeline, Assyria wasn’t Jewish to begin with, but he spoke a few lines resembling Aramaic. Count the corners if you have too much time.)
      I just find it does get problematic to say these people don’t have a point AT ALL if a majority of the killed off characters are not white and the main cast completely lacks of anyone considered “safe” who isn’t white either. Equality needs to go both ways to shut those complaints down. Spartacus luckily provides an example that defies all examination because it’s so confusing, neither side can make it a point for their case – a character who, historically, should be a white Gaul is rewritten to be be a black Numidian, for no apparent reason (other than the producers really wanting the actor and having no historic role to match both importance in the story and skin color – so the reason comes down as “fuck you, that’s why”) – and is historically also destined to die. So you have “they only cast a black guy because they knew he would die” vs. “the actor is so freaking good they couldn’t find a white actor of equal skill and gave a shit about historic accuracy” – both doesn’t really make sense, so it’s wonderful ammunition to throw in a “this show is racist” discussion. (In case of Spartacus, it usually goes to “this show is sexist because they killed the gay guy”, which is to be countered with “in season 2, they killed 80 % of the cast and the gay couple belongs to the few survivors”.)

      It usually doesn’t occur to me to accuse TV writers of any secret agendas, but for “viewers as a whole”, it seems neccessary to prove you really have no such agenda. You always need to satisfy the weakest common denominator, be it “appealing to fangirls with a Hal-Maggie romance” or be it “having a non-white main character to shut up idiots”. The difference is just that Anthony would make a good and interesting character for all viewers and the Hal-Maggie romance really only serves its fangirl purpose and annoys everyone else.

      • True. The main difference between Tom and Rick is that Rick has a giant moral stick up his ass and only sees things in black and white. He whines about “the right thing” and “keeping our morals” to the point where he’s a completely ineffective leader. Tom has adapted to the new world and doesn’t have a problem getting his hands dirty. When the traitor wanted to sell his kids to the Skitters and put a gun to Hal’s head, Tom shot him and didn’t bother whimpering about it later. When the Overlord was hurting Ben just because he could, Tom shot his ass, too. Yes, he has a cool head, but he doesn’t hesitate to kill or make a hard decision. I like that.

  2. I think Rick lost it completely when he went through with Hershel’s “let’s collect walkers and find a cure” crap. Hence I was very much rooting for Shane doing the only logical thing and put them in a situation they couldn’t talk better or just ignore – and release the danger. As weird as it sounds, it was the responsible thing to do.
    I can’t see Tom just keeping his mouth shut and playing along with a situation he dislikes, and he proved that by giving the overlord a straight “hell, no” answer, despite knowing it might get him killed. And I also can’t see Tom, Weaver or… ANYONE in FS, for that matter, force himself and his group onto someone who clearly said “Get off my land!”

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