8 comments on “Sons of “Anarchy”

  1. You know, I’ve never even seen this show and I hate it now. What is it with the feminization of men? I know that’s a soapbox of mine, but it’s slowly invading even badass characters.

    • That is exactly the issue I have. The main character of this show – with a theme very clearly aimed at a young adult male audience – is not really a character. He is a combination of ALL stereotypes possible to appeal to the estrogen brigade. They aren’t even trying to disguise it. He’s a blond pretty boy with a heart of gold, who – redeemed from being an evil gangbanger (if he ever was, but as vice president of a arms-dealing biker gang, it’s heavily implied) by becoming a single father; still harbors feelings for his highschool sweetheart a decade later. Add “difficult family background” and there you go; nothing but estrogen brigade bait, bare of a personality. And everyone else – except his struggling best friend (who he heroically tries to safe/protect, of course) – is shown as a total douche, down to his mother.
      That’s simply not what I want from a show like this. Or any other show – tropes aren’t a bad thing, but building characters entirely on stereotypes is. There is no-one I can identify with. In Falling Skies, Pope is a douche, but not a total douche. Even in all-evil casts like Oz or shades-of-grey ensembles like Game of Thrones, the “heroes” have flaws and the villains have redeeming qualities. In Sons of Anarchy, I was probably too optimistic after seeing the Elvis impersonator (I’m easily amused, so?) and also a bit blinded by great casting choices of other characters. But if all remain stereotypes after more than half a season, I see it as a lost cause.

      • Ugh. Just ugh. It’s one thing for a character like Tom Mason to have warm, fuzzy moments with his kids, but a biker? I guess this is the same problem I have with Falling Skies and the catering to the squealing fangirl/fat housewife writing. Tom/Anne, Hal/Maggie, both inappropriate and poorly-timed, but we have to keep the lowest common fan denominator giggling and blowing up Twitter.

      • I wouldn’t mind SOME warm, fuzzy moments for a biker either – actually, the best friend guy has some and the story with him is that he struggles between family (who wants him to have a normal job/life) and re-joining the gang (because it pays and he’s in massive debt). Sure, that story isn’t a novelty either, but it’s lightyears better than the rest of stereotypes.
        Maybe I’m just pampered after watching Oz, which has outstanding character development, and frankly, Criminal Minds isn’t doing such a bad job at that either. Which says something, considering it’s more or less a freak-of-the-week deal and not shy of permanently catering to female viewers (Reid, Morgan, Hotch – that’s the triple crown of fanservice). Or Sons of Anarchy is really just badly written, because pretty much every other show I watched in the last few years manages to keep the fanservice at bay and not have it derail characters left and right.

      • Some warm and fuzzy can flesh out a character, agreed, but as I’ve said many times before about Falling Skies and Walking Dead, the squealing fangirl soap opera is almost always taken too far. It’s an easy job to warm up an old, overused plot (pregnancy, cheating, giggling romances, etc) and gives the writers a break while catering to the braindead shippers. The problem is that once introduced, the soap opera never just goes away. How are the FS writers going to just get rid of that noxious pregnancy, for example? Once the plot turds are shat out they don’t flush easily and creativity goes down the sewer.

      • Yeah, and if it hits the fan before the first season is over, there’s no chance for any other plot to develop. I liked some of the sub plots, but the baby babble and being-torn-between-baby’s-mother-and-ex is too much at once. It’s really sad because the show had a lot potential.

  2. Not to get all douchey and pseudointellectual on you, but this type of thing is a reflection of American society. The idiots in charge have this delusion that we women want girly men who are in touch with their feminine sides. Bullshit. I only date/friend men who have no feminine side. Otherwise I would date women.

    It’s to the point that competition in sports and school is being banned. Sorry, but life is competition and judgement, like it or crawl into a hole and die. Gaaack! Sorry, but it pisses me off.

    • That’s fine, I agree with that. It’s not helping anyone to reverse gender stereotypes (even less doing so by force), it just slaps different labels on people and you have the same situation as before – stereotypes no-one needs.
      I don’t think it’s feminine or girly if a man cares about his children; it’s what a father usually does. But portraying a caring father as an emotionally troubled whimp who is holier than all his non-caring father friends is what makes it ridicolous.

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