4 comments on “Falling Skies S04E01-04

  1. Although I’m enjoying this season a hell of a lot more than I did the bloody soap opera that was S2 and S3, I see no point in the Lourdes character as a neo-hippie or Lexi at all. Gee, no one could POSSIBLY have guessed that the overlord was her father and not Tom. Unless you’ve seen any alien series in the past 30 years.

    And who the hell nominated the sheltered, do-nothing doctor as a leader? She never left safety for three seasons and all of a sudden she’s a Navy SEAL giving orders and leading her group not to safety but on her own personal mission to find her f’d up spawn?

    • There’s more action, measured by explosions, but other than that, it still feels extremly soapy. I really thought they’d do SOMETHING with Lourdes and not just reset her to a different variant of “crazy religious you guys”.
      The “reveal” about Lexi’s father, well, umm, that WAS a reveal? I thought everyone, including Ann, was well aware of that. And yeah, Ann’s sudden soldier mode is probably in the top 10 biggest jokes. I’m not sure where it ranges on a scale of “cloning Pope” to “love story involving Matt Mason”, and the soon-to-come “Maggie & Ben make out session” because it’s all so WTF.

      I guess I’m preaching to the choire, but Anthony was the obvious choice to lead the group. It would have finally promoted him to “actual role, not a collection of more lines”.

  2. Judging by the Falling Skies Facebook page, everyone is well and truly sick of hippie Lexi and her self-righteous bitchgirl Lourdes. I would much rather have had Ben and Maggie blow them away when they had the chance. That would have given us a chance to explore Ben and Maggie as leaders struggling to deprogram this little cult.

    Speaking of Ben, WTF is this sudden bond with a girl he only knew for literally 2 or 3 days? It’s not like he and Lexi even spent any time together, so he doesn’t even know her. Not buying it.

    Don’t get me started on the Maggie/Ben bullshit.It seems like the writers get nervous if they don’t have any teenage drama going on, so here are the only two who haven’t giggled at each other. I really thought the soap opera was over and the writers had learned from their mistakes, but gusess not. Pope and Pope-With-A-Vagina (don’t remember or care about her name) are equally sickening.

    I see a pattern here: since the first epic season, only half of each season has been worth watching and the rest has been screwed by teenage BS. Maybe it’s a good thing this show is ending. I can’t see it limping along like this.

    • If they had remembered any of Lourdes’ development, she would have been extra-suspicious of getting under alien control again. Yeah, Lexi miracle-cured her, but that should have made her even more suspicious – “oh, you get the bugs out of me, so YOU can be the puppet master now? NOT WITH ME!” But because the writers never knew what to do with Lourdes, they just have her controlled by someone.
      Ben, in my opinion, has no bond with Lexi. How do you have a bond with a 5 year old who isn’t even around much? You just don’t, even if someone says it’s your sister. Doesn’t Tom always insist that family is more than blood, if not something entirely different by now? You’d think Ben would have adopted some of that, and if anything, see Deni as a sister. We may not have seen them together a lot, but it was implied (and chronologically realistic) that they spent a lot time together. I still don’t like Maggie, so I’d have prefered Ben and Deni (and possibly Lourdes) as the “leaders” in Woodb… no, wait, wrong show, hippie community, I mean. Shouldn’t all of them look at Lexi and go “touched by the Vorlons, too, huh? WHY ARE YOU NOTHING LIKE US?”

      The Popette really screams “Wolverine and X-23” (or any other “oh, we have a popular anti-hero, let’s make a female twin/clone/pirate/robot/knight/ninja/whatever” case). It’s just a super pointless character with exactly the same watered down lines.

      I almost called quits when I saw Matt getting a girlfriend, because come on. Then Pope got the clone, then Maggie started oogling Ben. At this rate, she will be with Matt in season 5, unless they somewhere find a toddler. Funny enough, I’m usually rather fond of May-September romances (Mollari and Adira in B5, Kevin Burkhoff and Tess Doerner in The 4400), but this is crossing over into March-November territory, involving teenagers. I can only overlook really weird Dawson casting for so long. If they really need teenage soap, what’s so wrong with Ben and Lourdes or Deni or Jeanne? Deni could have used the screentime to grow a character. And Jeanne needed more development to have anyone care about her death. Instead, the writers go back to Maggie, because no-one ever found it weird enough when she was hitting on Hal.

      It’s definitely the right thing to do to end this show. At this point, I have little hope they’ll wrap up any open ends though. There are too many, they have no idea what to do with it and the finale of season 5 will likely be Tom Mason making the “victory” hand sign, standing on a mountain of dead mechs, then giving his sons a group hug. While the part where the mech mountain was made is skipped.

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