2 comments on “Falling Skies S04E10

  1. There’s just no taking this show seriously anymore, is there? I didn’t watch it, but I read a few episode reviews and no one seems to be able to defend it. It’s almost like the writers had a massive stroke in the middle of the season.

    So, let me get this straight: Tom was perfectly okay with his 16-year-old flying away to the moon even though a bunch of adults wanted to go? Last year he was whining about Ben fighting at all. Tom, if you want to do some father-son bonding I suggest a nice fishing trip.

    Matt Forrest Gumped his way onto the start button on a ship built by infinitely advanced beings. This makes the most sense of anything, sadly.

    Hal decided to be the big man and give his little brother his sloppy seconds. I guess Maggie is working her way down the Mason Brothers Ladder and will end up with Matt when Ben hits the big 1-8. Honestly, Espheni child protective services needs to look into this broad.

    Pope decided to go all emo and try to sacrifice himself now that Whats-Her-Name has taken her pain pills and gone home. “No one will miss me”…well, I’ll miss your balls, Pope. Not sure where you left them, but they’re gone.

    Big surprise that Lexi redeems herself. Oh wait, not it isn’t BECAUSE MOON F’N BLOODGOOD SPOILED THAT MONTHS AGO IN AN INTERVIEW. My big prediction: Lexi dies saving humanity and the remaining humans all mourn her like she was anything but a huge pain in the ass.

    • Nope, serious time is so over, I can barely remember when this show was good. It’s only been two years, and season 3 was… well, not good, but also not THIS ridicolous.

      Tom was not only ok with that (he had barely any reaction to announcing Ben as the first to be on the suicide mission), it’s unclear if he fixed BOTH names and effectively PUT Ben on the mission. Instead of… oh, Dingaan, maybe, the closest they have to a qualified person.

      Matt… On one hand, I can understand the actor is not too motivated. He’s old enough to understand the writing is atrocious. But on the other hand, why don’t the writers see that and keep trying to show how “useful” he is? He isn’t. He’s 13. He isn’t even Wesley Crusher (who at least was introduced and constantly confirmed as a wonderkid and genius). Matt just went from “tag along kid” to “most useful group member” over night.

      Hal gets the ONLY point for saying to Ben that he forgives him because at this rate, Maggie will end up marrying Matt. No, really. He said that. (That’s as meta as Pope telling Weaver he’s “done with this program”. Not made up either.) Looks like Hal is finally done with Maggie; the writers seem hellbound on making Ben/Maggie happen for reasons that are beyond me. Pope’s little speech, on the other hand… if you take it as meta as Pope used to be, this was a desperate plea to finally kill the character and release him from the contract. THAT I can understand.

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