My Tropes

Guilty Pleasures in TV Land

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Babylon 5


Game of Thrones

The 4400

Criminal Minds

Stargate Atlantis


Falling Skies


American Horror Story

Also watching:

Star Trek TOS, TNG, VOY and ENT, Carnivale, Crusade, The Walking Dead, Survivors, occasionally attempting to like Farscape, Andromeda, Mutant X, A-Team, some seasons NCIS, most of Law & Order SVU, Tales from the Crypt, some Stargate SG-1, all of Stargate Universe (out of masochism, probably), lots and lots of reality TV trash, Alcatraz

Generally a fan of:

+ ensemble shows; less than 7 main characters can’t carry a show very far; I like Loads and Loads of Characters.

+ Smug Snake, Magnificent Bastard and Tragic Villain characters.

+ politics, plotting, scheming, diplomatic affairs, moral/ethical conflict.

+ history, scifi, horror.

+ Anyone can die.

Series vs. Movies

There are worlds between my series preferences and my movie preferences.

In series, I like my characters and my plot complex, the more layers the merrier. A ratio of 70 % character development, drama and conflict to 30 % action is perfectly fine. However, in movies, I prefer 10 % character development, drama and conflict to 90 % action, guts and gore.

I usually give a series 3 episodes to pull me in, or – if double length pilot – the pilot and one episode, which comes out as roughly 2 hours to see if I care about any character and want to know more about them. A movie has 90 minutes on average to tell the entire story. There is simply no time to inspire a deeper interest into any of the people, so I prefer it if the movie doesn’t even try. A basic who is who will do, so don’t waste any time to tell me about their hopes and dreams and wishes. Just give them a shotgun or chainsaw and start killing things, thank you very much.


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